Getting Started

Regulations and Obligations

Before building a new fence it is recommended that you check the local building codes. Regulations for fences can vary in each council area and in some cases you will need to get council approval to build a fence.

The requirements could include any of the following:

  1. The type of material the fence can be constructed from.
  2. The permitted height of the fence, which may be dependent on location, for example the front, side, rear, or even waterfront location.
  3. There may be a variation in the position and distance of the fence from the kerb.
  4. The style of the fence may be limited according to streets cape and heritage obligations.
  5. Specifications on fences for swimming pools.
  6. Obligations on dividing fences between neighbors.

The Fence Line

It is important to ensure the fence is going to be erected in the right position.If you have any concerns about the location of the fence line, it may be worth having a check survey carried out by a licensed land surveyor.To ensure efficient construction of your fence, we will ask that you clear the fence line of any obstructions prior to the commencement of any work. If you are unable to have the fence line prepared for the construction, Fencing Solutions can provide a quote to do this work.

Underground Obstructions

Before commencing the construction of your new fence you need to check and advise Fencing Solutions of the position of underground services such as water, sewerage, drainage and gas pipes and electrical and telephone cables.

Good Neighbors

We recommend that you discuss all aspects of bordering fences with your neighbors prior to booking the job with Fencing Solutions.When sharing the cost of a fence with your neighbor, we strongly advise that you agree on the splitting of costs to prevent any awkward discussions or disagreements after installation. The name of the person stated on the Fencing Solutions quote will be responsible for full payment.
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